Inter caste Marriages are a common trend these days among the youth today. Gone are the days when couples marry as per the match chosen by their family members. Young couples don’t consider caste as a barrier to fell in love with each other. Nowadays in the case of inter caste love affairs the young couples are addicted to each other in such a manner that they cannot be separated from each other. Due to this it has been observed that an inter caste Love marriage specialist is required as contradictions between the thoughts of parents as well as young couples take place where parents are not ready for inter caste marriage.

Caste is traditional and culture entity, and as per ancient, marriage should be in cast. Just because of that people doesn’t ever permit to their child to get love marriage in inter-caste. Being in society and make a reputation, people have to follow rules of society. This is why sometimes people don’t want to denied to their child for inter-caste marriage but a cause of having society they did. However, not all parents are like that, some of the parents easily approve love marriage of their child. Once a while, getting marriage or not depend on the people couples planets and destiny.

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